Monday, October 3, 2011

Ponies come to the city! Join us at Pickering Lone Star Restaurant Oct 15th!!

A Fundraiser for the Horse Rescue Series supported by LFEquestrian and Lone Star

PICKERING, ON, October 15th, 2011 – LFEquestrian and Lone Star Texas Grill Restaurant are teaming up to support the Horse Rescue Series. On Saturday October 15th from 3pm – 6pm, families can go to the Pickering Lone Star location, 705 Kingston Rd, for pony rides and discounts to the restaurant to support this great program.

The Horse Rescue Series is a program that gives horses a second chance at life. There are many unwanted and neglected horses. These horses are often sold at auction and sometimes end up at the meat merchant. In 2007, Statistics Canada reported nearly $70 million in horsemeat was shipped out of Canada.

The Horse Rescue Series takes rescuing horses one step further than other rescue organizations. Horses in the program get natural horsemanship training by LFEquestrian. Many horses that are rescued are not trained and can be unsafe around people or for riding – giving the rescued horses training makes them much safer and easier to handle.

LFEquestrian uses natural horsemanship – a kind and safe way of training horses. The horse learns to see the trainer as a safe leader. This is different from some other training programs that use whips and bullying to force a horse to do what the trainer wants.

After 4-12 weeks of training by LFEquestrian, the rescued horse is ready for adoption by a new owner. Many rescued horses in the series are used as riding horses – some of the horses even do competitions with their new owners!

The training is provided free from LFEquestrian, but the program relies on donations to cover the costs of caring and feeding the horses during training.

On Saturday, October 15th from 3pm-6pm there will be a fundraiser event for the Horse Rescue Series at the Pickering Lone Star Texas Grill Restaurant at 705 Kingston Rd in Pickering. This is a great time to bring the family out. LFEquestrian will be doing pony rides for donations to the program. Lone Star will be offering coupons for $5 off, or a free appetizer, or a free kid’s meal at the restaurant with a donation to the Horse Rescue Series.

The pony rides will be outside – if the weather is bad on Saturday, October 15th the ponies will come Sunday, October 16th from 3pm-6pm.

For more information please contact LFEquestrian at 416-571-5914 or visit

Free education & potluck day - join us October 22nd at Chestnut Hill Stables

Where: Chestnut Hill Stables (12510 Durham Rd 1, Uxbridge Ontario)
When: October 22, 2011 from 10am - 3pm
Cost: FREE
What: An education and welcome day - includes a potluck!

LFEquestrian is excited to be a part of Chestnut Hill Stables over the cooler months, and to celebrate we are offering a free education and welcome event!

Starting sharp at 10am there will be demonstrations and teaching from local horse professionals!

Learn from Dr. Elaina about equine chiropractic care, Barefoot hoof specialist Lauren Gallant on hoof care, and equine massage therapist Laura Lorentson on stretches for your horse! Lindsey will also be doing a short demo with her mare,Thetis, and will be available to answer natural horsemanship questions.

The education will be from 10am to approximately 1pm. Afterwards please join us for a potluck social from 1pm - 3pm in the Chestnut Hill Stables heated lounge!

Cake, tea, coffe, plates & cups will be provided by LFEquestrian - please feel free to bring what you like!

Please join us for this event!

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