Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lauren Gallant - barefoot hoofcare specialist teaching us about hoof health

After Dr. Elena Silverman, we learned from Laruen Gallant, a barefoot hoofcare specialist. This was during our Oct 22 Free wellness education day & potluck.

We learned many helpful tips from Lauren -

She taught us about how the horse's diet and environment really play a big role in the horse's hooves. She gave us some suggestions to help our horses achieve a healthy weight by using a slower feeder - or even a hockey net to help make the horses eat the hay more slowly & continuously throughout the day which is healthier for them.

When horses eat continuously throughout the day it is easier for the bacteria in the horses gut to digest the food. This is better for both the 'hard keepers' (skinny horses) and the easy keepers (fat horses).

She also taught us about choosing foods for our horses that are low in sugar/starch, and she recommended we walk our horses on hard ground regularly to help develop strong hooves.

She taught us about the importance of the horse being trimmed so they land heel first, and she assessed Phin. Using Phin she showed us some important bits of information about the hoof, and then gave him a trim.

It was all very interesting & informative!

Thank you Lauren! Learn more about her:

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