Sunday, October 23, 2011

An amazing cake to round out the day - have you ever seen anything like it ??!!

To round out the Oct 22 free wellness education & potluck day at Chestnut Hill Stables we had a very special cake designed by Sarah's Cutie's cakes,

The cake is a 3D horse lying down, 100% edible except one toothpick in one of the horse's ears. The tail and mane are made of fondant icing, and the body of the horse is vanilla cake. The horse used up 4 batches of vanilla cake.

There was plenty to go around! We only used up 'the hind quarters' of the horse, and still have the belly, head and front legs still left - good thing it is my birthday this week so there is a reason to celebrate & many people to eat cake with!

Sarah truly is an artist when decorating her cakes. She has made many more cakes for me including birthdays, baby showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Every time I am amazed at what she creates - this time she really blew me away... I just wonder what will she create next??

Check out her website

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