Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making the Move

The last weekend in September was a big one for LFEquestrian. We went to the Pickering Horse Show and moved the herd!

On Sunday, September 25th LFEquestrian moved out of the Feasby Rd location, and moved into Chestnut Hill Stables (12510 Durham Rd 1, Uxbridge). The horses went for a good run to explore their paddock! LFEquestrian moved to have access to an indoor arena.

Chestnut Hill Stables not only offers an indoor arena, but they also have a heated viewing room and washroom! LFEquestrian is excited to be at Chestnut Hill Stables.

To celebrate, LFEquestrian is hosting a free education and social event at Chestnut Hill Stables on Saturday October 22nd from 10am - 3pm... learn more at the website Join Us!

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