Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Horse Show - a bunch of firsts

Sunday, Sept 25th we headed out to the show ring at Pickering Horse Centre. This time was a bit different. We were having a bunch of 'firsts'.

Micheala with Shawna, Erin with Phin, and Noa with Riddler. This would be Micheala, Shawna, Erin, and Riddler's first show, and only Phin's second show. Everyone was entered in the cross rail division.

We arrived in the early morning with lots of time to settle. I was so proud of all the riders and horses! Everyone settled in great - and everyone behaved themselves. All the riders remembered their courses and all the horses went over all the jumps.

For a first show it went just lovely - great weather, great company, and the horses were relaxed.


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