Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dr. Elena Silverman teaching Equine Chiro Care

On Oct 22nd we started the Free education & potluck day at Chestnut Hill Stables with Dr. Elena Silverman.

She taught us about Equine Chiropractic care, and about the anatomy of our horse. We learned how to feel for 'subluxations' - places in our horses spine that are not quite right. We learned about why and how chiropractic care and help.

From personal experience I know chiropractic care really helps me. I tend to need adjustments in my neck, and I really find that chiro adjustments take my headaches away.

Dr. Elena Silverman started with Riddler and did a full assessment on him, and allowed us to feel the subluxations she found. Then she did some adjustments and we could feel the improvement. It was really impressive to see results so quickly.

She then did another partial assessment on Phin and pointed out some other findings.

Dr. Elena Silverman will be coming back next Thursday to do another set of adjustments with Riddler and a first set of adjustments with Phin.

Thank you Dr. Elena Silverman for teaching us about this very interesting and important area of equine health!

Learn more about her services at

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