Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Today Lona had her 2nd litter of puppies! She spent the day with James curled up in her bed and surprisingly managed to have 8 puppies.

Lona doesn't really get too big and still manages to look fairly slim when she is pregnant, so it was quite the shocker that she had 8 puppies hidden in her belly.

We knew that Lona was ready to have her puppies so James stayed with her for the day to make sure everything went well. James helped to make sure everything went well, but he also gave Lona comfort and cuddled her.

Lona definitely will be busy over the next 8 weeks - she had 5 boys and 3 girls to care for. All of them are red/white colouring... some are darker like Quigley and some are lighter like Lona. Some of them have black/darker tips on their ears and face but these will fade out over the next couple months and will become red/white like their parents.

When Quigley was a pup he had black tipped ears and some black on his neck and back, but by the time he was a few months old it had all grown out.... the same will happen for these pups.

Everyone seems to be healthy, happy, and doing well. Lona is having a much needed snooze. She is on high alert when the other dogs are in the house - she is very protective right now. She has her own room with her puppies in a kiddie pool with some shavings and towels. They are adorable and all snuggled up.

We do have 12 people on our deposit/wait list so it is likely all of these puppies are sold unless some people choose to wait for Molly or next year.

Molly is expecting puppies anytime now - she is actually beginning labour signs right now!

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