Monday, May 25, 2015

Oakridges Hunter Show - aka Kahleesi's first time showing!!

We had a lovely weekend with all the sunshine.... a lot happening around the farm and with the horses. 
On Saturday I moved Sola and Symba to their summer home where they can explore and enjoy several acres with grass, trees, hills, and natural obstacles. Its the perfect location for yearlings to goof around while they grow up. I brought Lumen and Rose to be their adult guardians.... it's going to be a bit of a juggling match as I bring the adults home for lessons but then take over another adult to keep the babies company but I'm hoping it works out okay.... take a look at these happy horses !

On Sunday we went to the Oakridge's Horse Show. I decided to take Kahleesi to her first show ever because she did so well at the Cowboy dressage clinic last weekend. We arrived at the show and she was so calm and blended in perfectly. 

We rode in the hack division alongside fellow PHH coaches Danica with Dreamer, and Caileigh-Anne with Quartz. In Kahleesi's first hack class she was a bit scared of the outside of the ring so we rode about 20ft to the inside so she wouldn't be so close to the rail. We also struggled with our right lead and needed to do a flying change to get it. As we went through the hack classes she got more confident on the rail and eventually we were able to follow the rail around the ring. We also were able to get our right lead and managed a 3rd in the Show Hack! She also placed 5th and 4th in two others. 

In the cross rail division she was awesome and jumped everything nicely and held her canter, managing to get all her leads. She stayed calm and trusting me being in the ring by herself. I was super proud of her. The cross rails were a big class and we were a bit too wiggly to place over fences, but managed a 4th and 5th on flat. I couldn't be happier with the experience for Kahleesi - prior to the show our first course of jumps practicing was the day before, and we had only started canter work the week prior, so she is progressing super nicely. We also moved up from the cradle bridle do just a Myler level 2 bit.  

It was Danica and Dreamer's first offsite show together and they did very well - even got one first! Caileigh-Anne showed Quartz for the first time and is helping to build up this mares confidence - our first couple schooling shows we did with her she pretty much would go in the ring and then 'freeze'. Caileigh managed to ride through the hacks and do all the gaits, canter in the group, and do all the courses and jumps which is a big accomplishment for Quartz - she also managed some 5th's and 6th. 

Cailey and Sabio showed hunters for the first time together and jumped everything confidently placing some 4ths and 5ths in the 2'3 hunters. Wendy and Thetis showed offsite for their first time together and did a great job telling Thetis this was a hunter show and not a jumper show - managing a first and reserve champion in the 2'3 hunters. 

Well done to everyone!

While I was pony playing, construction for our indoor arena continued - James was helping removing posts from the building site area Highland Games style:

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