Thursday, May 21, 2015

My First Encounter with Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

My first experience with facilitated equine learning aka FEEL, I wasn't sure what to expect.

My instructor, Pat, took me through a lot of the basics and understanding the science behind the energy and different meanings behind emotions. 

She also reviewed some horse signals which I found very interesting because I kept an open mind. 

We decided to use Allure because he seems to have a knack for wanting to connect with people. 

We started with some reflection and heart to heart connection. This is difficult for me because I wanted to do horse training and interact physically with the horse, but this is a process where your interactions are from emotion and energy.

It was hard to let myself be vulnerable and learn something completely new. The most interesting part for me was when we were doing the heart to heart connection and I was simply asking and trying to push my energy from my heart to his heart and boom just like that he bent his neck and turned. He looked right at my heart with his nose.  The connection was there and then is if to say "okay now I'm done" Allure then walked away. 

We also did an exercise where I was asking a question or I was supposed to get one question but my mind was racing and I was thinking things like "am I asking the right question or what question should I ask?" So I would try asking a question and think maybe that's too difficult and I would switch around and it was interesting to watch Allure because he he would walk away as my mind would start to flurry and when my mind settles that's when he came back me. 

It was a really interesting experience and I'm continuing to take an open mind into my next session. I'm doing weekly sessions for 4 weeks, so this is going to be pretty exciting :)

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