Thursday, May 21, 2015

More Puppies!

 Late last night Molly gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies.

She started into labour in the evening and had her first puppy around 11:30pm. She continued having pups all through the night with the last one being born early this morning around 5am. It was certainly a long night!

At first the puppies were all boys. It wasn't until the last one that she revealed she also was having a little girl.

Molly was so calm for the entire night. She slept in her bed right beside James & I in our bedroom. Quigley was sleeping nearby in his bed and she didn't mind at all. She just stayed nestled closely with her pups.

Molly's pups are significantly bigger than Lona's pups. She definitely was carrying a heavier load of pups, but not as many. Molly is slightly bigger than Lona by about 2 pounds. It's interesting to see how much bigger her pups are than Lona's.... but everyone should grow up to be roughly the same.

She ended up having a very similar litter to her first one. She had one tri coloured male, the rest are all red/white, and there is only one girl.

We are excited to have so many puppies. Emails have been sent to the 12 people on our deposit list, which means there will be 2 more pups available after everyone on the list has chosen.

If you are interested in a pup please let us know.

Now the moms and their pups are having a well deserved rest.

It's going to be so cute in the next few weeks when they can all play together!

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