Friday, May 8, 2015

Changes Happening Around the Farm

If you've been up to the farm recently you may have noticed that almost every day something looks different. That's because we have now started with our spring/summer construction projects.

This year promises to be the biggest and best improvements to the farm since we moved in 3 years ago.... and that's saying a lot since every year we do massive upgrades including outdoor lighting, new sand ring footing, run in shelters, fencing, etc. 

Some exciting new changes that have already happened so far this spring are:
  • Individualized tack boxes for our school horses
  • A new number/names system for keeping our school tack organized. This includes new tags on the stick & strings for each horse and numbers on the tack box shelves
  • A new custom door for the barn entrance – we now have a window! Thank you Epic Equestrian
  • A new Kubota tractor with a loader
  • A new round pen
  • All of the obstacles from the former grass ring have been relocated to the new obstacles location
  • The hay shed moved
  • A lot of fence deconstruction has taken place in preparation for the new arena
  • The former grass ring was fenced with beautiful flex rail and is now a paddock
  • We had a nutritionist come up and review our hay analysis, look at our horses, and recommend a new feeding program for our horses that will be starting soon

It is pretty incredible all of the construction that is taking place this year, and we are excited to break ground for our new 250ft x 80ft indoor arena tomorrow! We are starting with the excavation of the base of the arena. It will definitely be our biggest project so far.

We have a lot of projects and things on our to do list. We are currently looking for quotes to do our south property line of fence (approx 1230ft), as well looking for a quote to build an upstairs room of 20x40ft in the new arena - if you know anyone that would like to give a quote on either of these projects please have them email 

We will continue to update you on all the changes and are excited to be sharing such amazing progress from around the farm! 


  • new front paddock with flex rail (top photo)
  • new custom barn door (2nd photo)
  • new tractor (3rd photo)
  • Lady, our duck, strolling the new front paddock (bottom photo)

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