Friday, June 17, 2016

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Wow June is whizzing by! So much happening at PHH and we are very thankful to all of the amazing people that make this farm possible. Shout out to Carolyn and Annette for all of their administration work, Danica & Caileigh for their coaching, Jill, Abby, Emily, & Franny for all their helper work, and to our guest clinicians of David Cowley, Esther Johnston, and soon to be Tik Maynard and Todd Owens!

Since our June update we've had a few new things sprout up at PHH. The tack rooms were completed in the indoor arena, along with footing and lights. We hope to have the railing for the indoor arena up this weekend! The paddock fencing is nearly complete and the 'fatties' and 'skinnies' should be separated soon.

Our obstacle rings have sprouted some new fun - 3 new bridges arrived and are up as well as a suspension bridge that is in the works. We also built a rock maze and some rock bridges. Indoors we built a cowboy curtain. Last night a few new toys arrived - a fog machine, bubble machine and an air dancer!

Here's a look at the fun we have ahead:

  • Tonight Todd Owens is coming for a liberty workshop
  • Sunday June 19th Tik Maynard is here for a workshop

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