Monday, May 16, 2016

June News & Upcoming Events

Apologies for not writing a post in a long time :( 
I am going to take a different approach to the blog, give you news updates and upcoming events - let me know what you think. 

Wow a lot has happened so far this month!
  • The new luxury lockers are built with the other lockers having been moved into the arena so the aisle is now clear with two more stalls opened up, and a new set of cross ties added.
  • Dust control was conditioned into the indoor arena so now we have dust free footing (however please continue to toss any rocks you find off to the side of the arena)
  • New feed charts and daily feeding tracking system started in the barn
  • The horses were released onto their paddock paradise system (please arrive earlier for lessons in case you need to walk to the back)
  • Ozzy arrived as a new lesson horse for PHH – he excels for extreme cowboy and is new to jumping
  • Lindsey is a new distributor for ThinLine – please look at their website if you are interested in any products, assume Lindsey can get about 20% off most products
  • New Show Team Service offered – you can be part of the Jumping or Obstacle Show team learn more at
  • Lindsey started a new website with Tik Maynard (USA) and Organised Equestrian (England) called Horsemanship Nation. This website follows top horsemen and posts news, inspirational videos, blogs, etc from around the world at check it out

We have a lot coming up:

  • The Natural Horsemanship Trade Show is May 28-29 featuring David Cowley from Alberta teaching Two Way Trust. There are also two spaces left in the jumping lesson with Esther on Sunday the 29th, cost $50 if you want to participate (jumps will be low and adjusted to your need) with the focus on establishing a correct position. More details on the trade show at
  • Our first hunter/jumper/games show is Sunday June 5th – remember to get your entries one week before to avoid a $30 late fee (which means get them in before May 29th) in more details at
  • Saturday June 11th is the 2nd of the Harmony Horsemanship Clinic Series with Lindsey and Esther. Cost is $150 to ride or $50 to watch. This one focuses on building conversations with your horse. Learn more at
  • Sunday June 12th is the first NHA Horse Agility and Obstacle Show! Get your entries in 1 week early to avoid the late fee (which means get them in by June 5th), more details at
  • Friday June 17th from 6-9pm come learn from Parelli Professional Todd Owens about building a better connection for liberty play - $90, learn more at
  • Sunday June 19th we have world class Eventer and Horsemanship expert Tik Maynard coming from Florida to provide lessons on a variety of topics ranging from liberty skills, collection/flat work, to jumping. Cost $100 for a 75 min group session limited to a max of 5 people. Learn more at

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