Thursday, January 29, 2015

Farm for sale

 So we've decided to post our farm for sale - and I'm guessing the first thing that comes to your mind is probably why the heck would they do that? They are getting their indoor arena soon!

Well you are right - but there are multiple pieces to the puzzle. Let us give you a little glimpse at future plans for PHH.

First off we love our farm and we love the location - the access to trails and horse swimming is amazing, being on a main road that is always ploughed in a timely manner is also a big perk since James and I are commuters and need to get to work on time, and of course all the work we've put into this place. We would like to sell but won't be upset if we end up here longer.

The primary reason for selling is because we are looking to go even bigger - we have a very big program of boarding and lessons that is busting at the seems and begging for more acres to spread it's wings. We also would like a bigger house.

When we bought PHH we knew it was a starter farm but it was our first farm together, it was a test run, and it within our budget at the time. We didn't realize how quickly we would grow. Now we know we can run a big farm, and our budget is bigger so we are ready to go bigger.

Why now? With the indoor arena coming we know there will be a lot of choices and changes needed - we will need to redesign paddock spaces, we will be choosing door openings, where to relocate shelters, etc.... so now actually makes for a great time for someone to buy because they could make some decisions for what the farm would look like.

For example we plan to move the big giant shelter from 'paddock 2' in front of the new arena for more hay storage, but someone else might want it placed in a paddock as a horse shelter.... this is something that is relatively easy to do while the big crane is at the farm building the arena, but once it's done it would be very expensive to move.

For those that take part in PHH activities, we can tell you we plan to continue services in a similar location - we like Kawartha Lakes but also have to be close to work in Whitby. We will only move to a bigger farm, so you can be assured our services will not shrink - and where ever we go we will make sure there is an indoor arena.

So I hope you can understand why we are now up for sale - and not be panicked about it :)

For anyone interested in the farm for sale, please contact our agent at

  • 250x80ft indoor arena coming soon (as soon as the ground thaws)
  • 7 stall barn plus feed/locker room
  • New flex rail with electric fencing
  • Hydro and water out to 3 paddocks
  • 8 shelters
  • 2+2 bedroom home with 2 full washrooms
  • 14 camera video system you can watch in colour on your phone
  • Sand ring and round pen with lights
  • Barn roof was done 2 years ago
  • House roof has lifetime warranty
  • New wood laminate in the living room and basement bedroom
  • Kohler and Toto toilets
  • New Bosch dishwasher
  • Natural gas
  • New high efficiency gas furnace
  • air conditioning 
  • Newly fenced backyard with black chainlink
  • Certified wood stove
  • Upgraded faucets 
  • Massive bathroom (seriously huge) with jacuzzi tub 

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