Friday, January 9, 2015

Corgi puppies are now 6 weeks

Now that the puppies are getting older they are getting super playful and cute!

They are developing their routine - they go out in the morning (they only survive about 5 minutes in this cold), to do their 'business' and then they come inside and get to play in the bathroom and hallway area. They don't get the full run of the house or I fear they would destroy the house.... sometimes they sneak into the bedroom though :)

Then they go into their 'pool' for the day for a nap and meal. Around 4:30pm we repeat the outside and play time for about an hour, then back to the pool. We do a final repeat at around 9pm until bedtime.

During their play time in the hall/bathroom they sure love to have lots of fun and some adorable moments are caught on tape.

Check them out:

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