Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Spice of Life

I just wanted to give you all an update on Spice. Spice left for retirement to a family home in early fall.

Spice has been a well loved horse by PHH. He has been a favourite of many students and taught many students to canter because of his smooth gaits, willingness to please, and good work ethic.

It was very unfortunate that one winter he slipped in the paddock and fell hard onto his hock causing a bone chip. His one hind leg will forever be weaker. We gave him an entire year to rest and then the following 2 summers he did light riding work for smaller kids. He loved having a job and purpose but he was limited to what he could do.

In 2014 we decided it would be better for Spice if he went to a home where he could be loved and have someone who was 'his', rather than at PHH where although students loved him, they didn't want to stick with Spice because his leg prevented him from being a good horse to progress with since he couldn't do the hilly trails, jump, or do intense riding.

We found him the perfect match - he is the absolute love of a little girl that enjoy going for walks with him. Spice is teaching her to trot and canter and she is loving him every bit. They have their own farm, so if or when she outgrows him, he will continue to be loved at their farm.

They sent me a photo of him doing and I've shared that with you here.

Spice is a fantastic and loving horse and I am so happy that he has found someone that can be 'his'. They are the perfect match for each other :)

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