Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pups at PHH!

What an exciting time at PHH, we have new puppies! There is just something special to watch the special bond between mom and pups and the love they instantly feel for each other.

James & I began Corgi breeding because of our love of the Corgi breed. We think these dogs are absolutely perfect. They have the agility and ability to do big dog things like fetch, swim, be hardy around the farm, run fast, and keep up but they still have the convenience of being a small dog – you can pick them up, they fit in your lap for cuddles, they don’t take up a lot of space on the bed, and on road trips they fit compactly into the car so they can join on family vacations. Best of all they are so incredibly adorable, sweet, smart, friendly, and beautiful.

Our breeding journey began with several trips to the states – it is nearly impossible to get Corgi’s with breeding rights in Ontario so it was actually easier to drive to the states to purchase dogs with breeding rights down there. Quigley came from Michigan and our females came from Pennsylvania. Then came the paperwork – we had to register our dogs with the American Kennel Club, and then get them registered with the Canadian Kennel Club… each with their own paper hoops to jump through.

Now we are very excited to have Lona’s first litter of pups. She gave birth on Monday November 24th between 7am – 1pm. We knew her labour was coming because we regularly were checking her temperature morning and night, and her temperature had dropped to 98.6 the night before which can mean labour will start soon.

Lona had other signs too – she was becoming more restless, nesting in her bed, not wanting to go outside, itching at herself, her belly and nipples were getting very full, she was becoming aggressive towards Molly (her sister), and the night before her labour she actually turned down some scraps of salmon… Lona never ever turns down food so we knew something was up!

That night she was also restless and she woke us up a few times with gentle ‘woofs’ asking to be let out and at around 2am she came over to James and just wanted cuddles.

That morning I called my mom and asked her to come over and watch Lona. Her temperature wasn’t as low as typically it would be before birth so I wasn’t sure I should stay home, but I knew she should be watched. My mom, Annette was on her way to the rescue and as she arrived Lona had 3 pups and had another 3 pups in the following few hours. It can be normal for them to take a break between pups and can go as long as 4hrs between pups without concern.

Lona is an excellent mother and is very affectionate to her pups – but definitely not towards Molly. Typically she loves her sister but she has become aggressive towards Molly for now and is only happy to be around Molly if they are outside in the backyard. For now we have them separated when in the house.

For safety we have Lona’s pups in a swimming pool (no water of course!) and it keeps the pups contained but allows Lona to jump out if she wants to.

The pups have all been nicknamed so that we remember who is who. Their markings are all distinct enough we can tell them apart. They are all going to be red & white corgis. They have some black hairs in places, but the interesting thing about their colour is that it will change as they grow up and eventually will be the same colour as Lona/Quigley except for their unique white markings.

If you are interested in a Corgi, or want to see pictures, please check out our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy page on our website at:

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