Sunday, March 6, 2011

New trailer - did you know..... ??

I Got a New Trailer - Did you know.... ??

Friday was a very exciting day for me - I drove to Smith Falls to pick up my new Portax trailer from Maple Lane Equestrian. I left in the early morning and arrived around noon to hitch up the new trailer. One thing that surprised me though was how much I would learn.

When going over the trailer care and use I learned some new things... did you know....?
- you should NOT use WD40 on the hinges/etc of the trailer because the WD40 turns sticky and the dust will stick to it. Instead use a Silicone spray.
- There is a type of grease that you can put on your electrical plug on your car that you plug your trailer into. This will help protect against the salt and other harmful elements that may affect the electrical plug.
- You can put grease on your hitch ball which will help for a quieter and easier ride.
Also I thought I new all of the speacial features about my trailer, but I was happy to learn there were more special features.... did you know...?
- Bockmann trailers have a built in lock for the hitch so you can either lock your hitch to your car, or you can lock the hitch so no one else can hitch to your trailer... not also the trailer door and the saddle chest both lock too
- The trailer wheels function independantly which means the ride is much smoother for the horse and you can even drive on 3 wheels to safety if the 4th wheel happens to go flat
- You can remove the centre dividers in the trailer to create a stock trailer
- The saddle racks swivel and extend for easier use
- The hitch rotates which helps to give a smoother ride to the horse
- There is a hand brake for the trailer
- There is a special cord you attach from the trailer to the car's hitch, so if the car/trailer detach from each other the cord will get pulled and activate the trailer's brakes so the trailer can stop on its own

I was thoroughly impressed.... all of these features along with the ones I already knew about. I am most excited that this trailer is perfect my little Ford Escape which just holds a V6 engine. I didn't want to buy a big gas gozzling monster just to tow because I do a ton of driving... so I am super happy to have something my Escape can tow.

The drive home wasn't quite so smooth. I headed out around 1pm only to realize I had no signals or emergency flashers. Then my cars electical system seemed to be on the fritz. I pulled over at a Canadian Tire in Kingston - thank goodness they had time to look at my car!

It turns out that the place that installed my wiring didn't do it properly, so the fuse shorted in my car and hence no signals or emergency flashers. Three hours later and I am on my way again from Kingston to get home. The trailer drove quite nicely - well enough that I forgot it was there some of the time!

I arrived home not until about 8pmish - my trailer got to spend the night in our visitors parking lot at our condo. A long day of driving to go get the trailer, but well worth it.

I am super excited to have my new trailer and all of the experiences I will be able to do this summer with it like clinics, trail rides, shows, and play days!

If you are curious about Maple Lane Trailers, you can check them out here: They are definitely my favourite 2 horse trailer.

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