Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fenix got a new saddle!

Fenix finally got his new jumping saddle! I know longer have to try riding him in my western saddle. The gorgeous warmblood towering at 17H did look a little silly in the western gear. He now has a new adjustable Mondego jumping saddle.

It was important that he get an adjustable saddle. He is still only 3 years old, so his back will change as he continues to grow and develop. It would be a shame to get him a brand new saddle and only months later find out it no longer fits because he has grown or filled out. It will be important that we continue to monitor his back shape and the saddle fit - that way we can change the saddle before it becomes uncomfortable for him.

Fenix has been doing great and started jumping with a rider - he has been free jumping 3ft occasionally but now he will start jumping low fences with a rider. Fenix is still quite young, so we do need to be careful we don't over jump him because we could damage his legs if we jump him to much.

I am excited to progress with Fenix's training over jumps!

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