Thursday, December 18, 2014

Having fun with a musical ride at PHH

2 years in a row PHH has made a fun musical ride. In 2013 it was during the advanced teen week of summer camp, and this year it was a few keen students with Lindsey that showcased their ride during the season finale horse show at PHH.

Different this year we incorporated ground games into our musical routine. It was an interesting mix of horses and riders. 

Let me introduce you to the team on the 2014 musical ride:
  • -        Lindsey & Balius: Lindsey (me) is the owner of PHH and experienced horse professional, paired with the least experienced horse in the group Balius. Balius is an all-around goof ball. He loves to play and definitely has a cheeky streak. I’ve had him since he was 4mths old and now he is 4 years old…. But he is barely started under saddle as I was always putting miles on other people’s horses instead of him. Being part of the musical ride team with Balius was one of my ways to help start putting regular play time with my baby guy every week. He developed a lot over weeks of practice J
  • -        Christina & Thetis: Christina came to us through our summer camp program and during her 2nd year with us partnered with Thetis. Thetis is probably the best trained horse on the farm and can do some high level Parelli tasks… but she is also challenging in her own way with a high energy level, sensitivity and sass towards other horses. Thetis is the off the track TB of the group that shows us that a race horse can learn new tricks J
  • -        Caileigh & Arrowyn: Caileigh often nick names herself the clown of the group. She is an experienced hunter competitor but new to natural horsemanship and ground games when she started with us earlier this year. She’s still getting used to the ropes and ground games, but it all came together for the final ride. Arrowyn is the story of a neglected horse, she was a pasture ornament that didn’t do much until she came to us. She then went out on trial and mysteriously came back with a rearing problem. Caileigh spent the summer rehabilitating her and developed a strong connection with her. They showcase their skills beautifully together.
  • -        Maya & Rose: Maya also found PHH through our kids summer camp. She has a need for speed and loves the jumper ring. Rose and Maya competed with success in the bronze jumper shows and also diversified their talents with ground games and bareback riding. Maya does the whole pattern with no saddle J
  • -        Danica & Dreamer: Danica has been a coach with PHH for 2 years now and really has developed her skills with natural horsemanship. She now has the perfect partner in Dreamer, our QH gelding with the sweetest personality and  sensitive buttons. They do a great job of rounding out the team with some finesse to their movements J

Thanks for watching our musical ride highlights of 2014!

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