Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy 1 year Anniversary

James and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary On Monday October 7. We didn’t do anything too exciting, a normal day at work, followed by a nice dinner in Port Perry at Pickles and Olives, followed by some coaching, barn chores, and then relaxing in front of an episode of Sons of Anarchy – our new favourite tv series.

I say it feels like we’ve been together way longer – we’ve just done so much and been through so much already together. It seems so long ago that we rode away on horseback after saying our “I do’s” in our back field as our guests sat on hay bales and watched from the hill. Partridge Horse Hill has certainly grown and is still growing. We looked back over the year and reminisced over key events in the past year.

One of the most exciting was having our first litter of Corgi pups delivered by our beloved Whinnie – little Blackie and Piggy found great homes and we still get updates and pictures of these gorgeous dogs. We were very sad to lose Whinnie this past year, but have been very happy with our new girls Lona and Molly who bring us so much joy and cuddles J

The chickens seem to have multiplied rapidly and we went from 5 chickens to about 30ish, including my favourites Peaches, Cream, and Ripple. We’ve been enjoying our first experiences of hatching with the eggcubator and transitioning our chicks outside. Cloud can be hilarious and I fondly remember him growling at the group of us while we sat out front the barn for a discussion from Parelli Professional Todd Owens during a clinic weekend. Cloud wasn’t too impressed that we were loitering in his territory.

The horses have had quite a year too – new shelters sprouting like weeds to keep them happy, slow feeder nets on the round bales to try and keep our horse obesity rate down, and the exciting news that we have 4 pregnant mares – Angel, Nillina, Honey Boo, and Ellie! This is really exciting because it’s my first year having pregnant mares and it will be my first foaling experience next year.

We rounded out a great summer of camp – our first summer running a full 8 weeks of summer camp! – previously we’ve only done 2 weeks of summer camp in a year, so this was quite a change. The horses enjoyed the attention and learned a lot with the kids.

We accumulated some new horses over the summer – especially to cover the work load of all the pregnant mares. Arrowyn stepped up to the plate and we discovered she is a very talented jumper and soared over 3ft no problem with a talented camper during a game of puissance.

This was also our first year hosting horse shows – what a lot of fun! The ribbons and year end trophies look great and everyone commented what a good experience it was.

We’re excited to be wrapping up a successful season of Partridge Horse Hill and look forward to the Royal Winter Fair which is fast approaching in November.

We’ll continue to plug along with activities at the farm as we prepare for winter to come. A new year beginning and so much in the plans – we hope to be sharing with you some exciting indoor arena news soon!

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us and Partridge Horse Hill – we’ve had a great year and really appreciate all the love and support!

We’ve had a happy one year and are ready to enjoy many more to come.

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