Friday, April 12, 2013

New Puppies and Chickens!!!

What a busy start to April!

Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Whinnie, gave birth to 2 adorable pups for her first litter on Thursday March 28th at 11:30pm. Everything went really well and Whinnie was such an excellent mum. Quigley (the Pembroke Welsh Corgi dad), is actually scared of the pups and runs away when he sees them!

Quigley is spending a few weeks at grandma's house so Whinnie can enjoy some stress free time with her pups.

First came out the large and chubby girl pup, whom we nick named 'Piggy'. Only 15 minutes later 'Blackie', a little male pup came out to join his sister.

We have lots of adorable photos to share with you here:

The pups are for sale for $1000. If you're interested please email us at - however at this point we are taking a waiting list for their next litter.

We also got our very first chickens at the farm! We picked them up Sunday April 7th - and the chickens got to ride in the truck all the way home!

We bought a flock of silkie chickens that are already producing eggs. We have 1 rooster and 4 hens - and luckily the rooster isn't related the hens. They are home and doing really well - but they haven't quite figured out their ramp in their coop yet.

On the way home we named all of our chickens - Monster (rooster), Cinnamon (buff), Pertha (black), Scarlett (black with a buff ring around her neck), and Marshmallow (white). They are very friendly and quite cuddly for chickens :)

We have purchased an incubator and will be starting to incubate eggs in the next couple weeks and then will have chicks for sale. As well we have fertilized eggs for sale. If you are interested in Silkie chickens please email us at

You can see pictures here:

There are just too many cute and cuddly animals at the farm now!

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