Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Milestones at Royal Winter Fair 2012 By Marcie

Milestones at Royal Winter Fair 2012

This years Royal Agricultural Winter Fair marked a mile stone for me. It has
been just over a year since I began riding. In that time I have gone from
having almost no experience riding and possessing next to no knowledge
about horses to working 3 days a week on a horse farm helping to train
horses, competing in endurance races, and coaching lessons and a summer

The breadth of how much I have advanced in the horse world became
apparent while I was watching this years International Jumpers competition
at the fair. Last year, which was also my first year attending the fair, I
could hardly tell the difference between a trot and a canter. This year,
however, I found myself counting down the canter strides for each horse as
they approached the jumps. I was also able to point out canter leads and
visualize the turns involved in the course before it was ridden.

As I watched this competition my friend, who is an experienced rider
and horse trainer, made the comment that what I have learned and
accomplished in such a short time period is truly amazing. Her words to me
were very uplifting as I am still quite nervous in certain situation and Know
that there is still a lot for me to learn.

My most recent adventure into the horse world has involved me owning
my very first horse. She is a lovely little mustang that is very smart and
willing. By working with her I am able to see in myself just how much I have
learned. I hope to make my connection with my new friend stronger by
working on learning the finer movements in horseback riding, which I was
able to watch in the dressage competition at the Royal this year. Hopefully I
will be able to continue digging deeper into the horse world and I am excited
to see how much I will accomplish and learn in this upcoming year.


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