Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Horse! - Welcome to our new horse 'Dream'

I've been thinking I wanted another school horse for our lesson program. I wanted something fairly athletic and with a bit more 'go' then a lot of our other horses. I was hoping to find something that could keep up on the trails, train for endurance, and learn some jumping.

My search was over when I found Dream. She is an 8 yr old TB mare - she's actually had a foal too! She is just lovely to handle and she is exactly what I was looking for.

On her first day I rode her around the ring walk, trot, canter and she behaved really calmly and understood all the cues. She doesn't have any training with lateral work, collection, or bending - but this can come with time and practice. The most important part was that she had a willing attitude and calm manner.

The second day at the farm we went for a trail ride and she was a pro. She didn't have any spooks or startles, even with the forest, open field, puddle, and riding on the road. She was great!

Right now she is training to do a novice Competitive Trail Ride, and she is learning to jump. I am excited to see Dream progress over the summer!

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