Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bree's Assessment - Needing time to relax

Bree is a lovely big girl with a lovely personality, but she also reminds me about the importance of allowing horses to just take time to think.

When working with Bree she is willing and tries to complete the tasks, but when I disengage her to tell her she has done the right thing, it takes her a few minutes before I will see her lick her lips and show that she has thought about it.

It is important when you are training horses that you allow them enough time to thing about things. If you move too fast then you could spoil their confidence, trust, or understanding.

By allowing Bree enough time to think about the tasks, she was able to learn faster. She now easily understands traveling circles, and my cues for walk, trot, and canter on the line.

Bree has low dominance and hasn't tried to challenge any of my cues - occasionally she will push into my space, but she is easily corrected.

Bree has medium sensitivity, she moves away from pressure easily enough, but isn't over responsive and doesn't move off of the ideal cue either.

Bree's confidence seems fairly high. She was very calm in the new rings and very relaxed even with the barking dog around her.

All in all I think Bree is going to make a wonderful pleasure horse, she just needs to learn some new things and practice some other cues to make sure she has great understanding.

Stay tuned for more Bree updates!

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  1. WONDERFUL assessment...and I agree on the importance of allowing horses to process and think. We tend to overlook that area at times, in the excitement of achieving our goals at that moment. I am a friend of Bree's owner, and can tell you that she (Bree) likes to please and tries her heart out. I feel you are doing a GREAT job with her, and ALL the horses you work with, for that matter. I look forward to more updates ! 5 Stars for you :-)