Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ponies Came to the City! Horse Rescue Fundraiser with Lonestar and LFEquestrian

Saturday October 22nd LFEquestrian brought Flower and Shawna to the Pickering Lonestar Texas Grill & Bar on Kingston Rd.

The ponies arrived and were saddled up for pony rides. Flower and Shawna gave any willing children and even some adults pony rides around the parking lot! We blocked up a safe area for the pony rides, and people enjoyed their horsey experience in the city.

The pony rides were to raise funds for the Horse Rescue Series. People who made a donation (of any amount) were given a pony ride and a coupon to Lonestar Texas Grill & Bar for a free kids meal.

The pony rides raised $167 for the Horse Rescue Series which will be used to help retrain a rescued horse for a second chance at life!

Learn more about the Horse Rescue Series at

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