Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't Wait until Saddle fit!

Can't Wait for a Saddle Fit!

Fenix is a 3yr old warmblood gelding that has been in training since July. He has been going beautifully walk/trot/canter and over jumps. He then started to get a bit tight through the transitions, raising his head a bit, and when jumping under saddle he seemed a bit stiff and awkward - like he didn't want to stretch out and use his back.

Then when taking a closer look at the saddle we notice that he had grown and his back shape had changed. The saddle had become a little tippy (not sitting evenly on his back). Continuing to work a horse with an ill fitting saddle can be very harmful for a horse and cause big issues.

I've called up the saddle fitter but it is going to be two weeks before we get the fitting done. There are some exercises we can continue though to keep him fit and in training. We have been jumping him online, practicing transitions online, and even teaching sideways from the ground.

We've also been riding Fenix western because the western saddle fits him better - you can take a look here: http://www.lfequestrian.com/Photos.php?view=thumbnailList&category=8

If you notice your horse raising their head, tossing their head, or being reluctant to stretch out their neck/back then it could be due to an ill fitting saddle. Remember that horse's back's change as they age and their fitness level changes - always ensure a proper saddle fit.

I just hope his saddle is easy to fit to his back!

New pictures of Fenix - http://www.lfequestrian.com/Photos.php?view=thumbnailList&category=8

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